WEBS Internet Solutions: Find New Customers by Optimizing Your Website – MarTech Series

We all want our website to appear at the top of search results. When our website appears towards the top, we are almost guaranteeing new customers and minimally, a large increase in website traffic. The further down our website appears in search results, the less likely we are to gain new customers or website traffic. So, what’s the secret behind appearing at the top?

webs.co.il are an organization in Israel that work with customers all over the globe. They specialize in optimizing websites through fair, regulated, tried, and tested methodologies, specifically working to push your website up the search result ranking pages to drive new customers and new website traffic.

To do this requires intensive knowledge of how search engines like Google and Bing work, well-planned optimization strategies to focus on search terms where you can outperform competitors, and experience in website methodologies that will categorically improve your chances of appearing higher in search results.

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Below, we outline why optimizing your website for search results can help you to find new customers, and how it works:

  1. First, it’s important to understand the two ways you can appear in search results

There’s two ways your website can appear in search results. The first is organically, which means the search engine (such as Google) has chosen to display your website based on the search that the user has carried out, because they feel you are a relevant and correct result

The second is through paid advertising, whereby you pay for advertising space based on searches that are relevant to your business.

  1. Why optimize your website to focus on organic results rather than paid advertising?

From here on in this article, we’ll call this organic search engine optimization (organic SEO). The reason why you should focus your efforts on organic SEO is because you’re specifically improving your website to work better in partnership with search engines, while also improving the user experience and information displayed on your actual website.

By optimizing your website through organic SEO, you are reducing your need to battle with budgets and fight for paid advertising space with competitors, which can prove very costly. Instead, you are making clear, actionable changes to outperform your competitors in the long run and improving the setup of your website and its content along the way.

  1. How do search engines decide how far up your website should appear in search results?

Search engines such as Google make their decision to show your website in search results based on complex algorithms. They also audit the way your website is set up, analyzing the code, and comparing it against your competitors. Then. they audit the content of your website itself, checking it for relevance and quality before deciding on whether your page should appear high within its search results, or if it at all.

  1. How can webs.co.il help you to improve your organic SEO and make your website appear higher in search results?

The complexity behind organic SEO is such that nobody truly knows the ‘secret’ to appearing at the top of the results. However, there are many methodologies that can be implemented that allow you to work better with the likes of Google and Bing, outperform your competitors, and even compete with the biggest names in your industry.

The team at webs.co.il will work with you to understand how your website is currently performing in search results, and the types of searches you should be appearing for, before outlining a plan of action. This plan will involve optimization of your website, including its code and its content, alongside a thorough competitor analysis to determine why rivals are appearing above you, so that you can make positive updates to change this.

  1. What type of results can webs.co.il provide?

There are literally dozens of examples of the success webs.co.il have had with their clients. If you head over to their website webs.co.il, you can view their customers and their results, and get a real-time view of how targeted search terms are performing and appearing in search engines.

The ultimate goal is to push your website up search engine results pages, while also generating website traffic and enquiries. The team at webs.co.il will perform user experience tests to ensure that when you do fly up the search rankings, your website is successfully encouraging potential customers to buy or enquire. This is added value you will not find with other organic SEO organizations.

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