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YouTube contents are diverse daily primarily because the uploaders have various clips that they could share with the public.

Have you ever wondered why some of the content creators quickly go viral after uploading a video? Maybe there’s a trick for that and if you are one of the aspiring content makers, these hacks will help you gain more views faster.

How to Increase Engagement in YouTube

Want to Be Viral in YouTube? These 7 Hacks Will Help You Gain More Views in the Platform

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These YouTube hacks will help you gain more views in your videos.

According to Film Daily‘s report on Wednesday, July 14, there are seven hacks on YouTube that you need to remember if you want to gain more views from the audience. Here they are:

Make Shorter Clips

Somehow, the long-time debate between those who believe that engagement rates depend on the length of the clips, and those who do not believe, is already settled.

From the latest analysis of YouTube, shorter videos running for 16 to 20 seconds garner 50% of views on the platform.

Users could become bored sometimes when they encounter a long video that has broad information. The burden doubles for the viewers if the topic in the clip is quite unfamiliar, that’s why others prefer shorter videos.

This will guarantee you that in the long run, you will amass more YouTube views by following this.

Basic SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is not only applicable to content marketing. The application of this element is also essential in YouTube, especially if you want to target high engagement levels in your channel.

For this technique, remember three things so you can always be in the algorithm: keyword optimization, promotion, and extended video descriptions. At all cost, please avoid Blackhat SEO, Hubspot blog explained. Instead of adding more views, your videos might be penalized for certain violations.

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Ask Audience to Engage In Your Channel

SEO alone won’t guarantee you more views.

Of course, as a content creator, you need to be active in sharing your posts and telling people to comment or like in your clip. This is one of the best things that you need to practice doing if you want to go viral fast on YT.

Reply to Audience

Interaction is lively if it’s a two-way street, which means that you should communicate with your audience through reactions and comments. Apparently, many creators miss this since there are many people on their platform. They could not handle the comments anymore.

If you can’t comment, make sure that you can leave a reply at the very least. On Twitter, you could make your viewers happier by retweeting their replies or leaving reactions.

Make Meaningful Contents 

If you want to get more views in your clips, you need to start creating worthwhile content for your audience. This will be your lifesaver at times when the audience seeks good content after going to a disappointing site.

Do NOT give more dead air to the audience. A silent video, unless you are doing it for a prank, will leave the viewers sleepy and uninterested.

Always prioritize contents that viewers will love. Consistency is the key.

CTAs and Annotations 

Becoming more viral on YouTube will not be possible without Calls-to-Action (CTAs) and Annotations. These icons will help your viewers watch your other clips. You can also use them, so you can gain new subscribers who just landed on your channel.

YouTube Analytics

YouTube hacks won’t be complete without Analytics. Through this, you can know the average time the viewers watch your videos, as well as the demographics of the audience. This is helpful if you want to gain more viewership.

Apart from that, you can also deal with traffic sources in the form of ads, pages, and others through YouTube Analytics.

Before creating a new video, make sure to follow these simple hacks, so you can get more views from the people.

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