Twitter Working On New Concepts That Will Give You More Control Over Your Privacy – News18

Privacy is something all tech companies these days are focusing on, in terms of tighter security as well as giving more control to the users over their privacy. Micro-blogging platform Twitter is taking a different approach towards user privacy, in terms of both giving users more controls and strengthening security. Twitter’s Product Designer, Lena Emara showed her Twitter followers “very early concepts” that she is exploring to make Twitter healthier. The product designer said that these are just ideas and are not being built (yet), and it is for getting people’s feedback.

According to the concept shown-off by Twitter’s Product Designer, if you have a protected account and reply to someone who isn’t following you, you may not know that they can’t see your reply. Hence, there is now a reminder to tell protected accounts that their replies can’t be seen by everyone. Further, Emara talked about Account breadcrumbs. This feature is for those who use multiple accounts. Breadcrumbs will make it simpler for users to know which account they are tweeting from.

Privacy is one of those things everyone wants, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all.Very early concepts in are ways I’m exploring to make Twitter healthier. These are just ideas and not being built (yet?), so your feedback is helpful!

— Lena Emara (@LenaEmara) July 6, 2021

Further, there are privacy sets. Emara said that Twitter has found out that lots of people don’t know about all the conversation control and discoverability settings available to them. To address this, there is a new ‘check-in’ feature that lets users ping among various groups of settings depending on their needs.

There is also a Discover me (or not) feature that the micro-blogging site may bring to improve privacy. Right now, Twitter users can control how others find them using their phone or email. The new concept lets users get notified if accounts search for their username, choose if they want to be found that way, and set a time limit for it. Twitter’s Product Designer said that after being harassed by people searching for their name, users get the notification “Want help limiting negative interactions? We locked 5 accounts for breaking our rules after searching your username. Want to change how people find you?”

These are some changes that Twitter is exploring in order to put privacy at the helm and give users more control towards their security and privacy. It is not known as to how many of these features will actually make it to the micro-blogging site, but given the screenshots shared in the Twitter thread by Emara, the features look pretty neat and finished and may be rolled out soon.

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