Nigerian Twitter ban and VPN: Twitter micro blogging site, local ISPs reply FG #TwitterBan

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Twitter na American microblogging and social networking service wia users post and interact wit messages wey dem dey call “tweets”.

Twitter and join body of licensed Telecommunications Operators don reply Nigeria Federal goment ban on di micro blogging site.

Twitter say Friday announcement from di Information Minister Lai Mohammed dey “deeply concerning”.

Access to Twitter from Nigeria main phone providers don dey blocked, according to reports from Lagos and di capital, Abuja.

Right now many users across di west African nation dey struggle to access di micro blogging site after di goment suspension.

Latest tori be say phone companies like Airtel, MTN, Glo don receive order told to block Twitter site.

“We go continue to tok to di authorities and pipo wey dey involved and we go follow di order wey Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC) give us.”

Na wetin Chairman of di Association of Licenced Telecommunications Operators [ALTON] Gbenga Adebayo tok inside statement.

“We dey committed to support di goment of Federal Republic of Nigeria and we go uphold di rights of di citizens.” Adebayo add.

On June 4 2021, federal goment announce di suspension of operations of Twitter social networking service for Nigeria, indefinitely.

President Muhammadu Buhari administration say di organisation undermine Nigeria goment.

But some pipo still dey access di site for some wi-fi networks.

Meanwhile di Internet service providers also say dem go support di position of United Nations to respect and protect di rights of everybody to communicate.

Dem express support for pipo to share informate freely and to enjoy privacy and security regarding dia data and use of digital communication.

As tins be so Nigeria don join di list of oda kontries for di world like China wey don ban Twitter for dia kontri.

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Nigeria ban land afta Twitter remove Buhari tweet

Dis move by goment dey came just days afta Twitter remove one tweet by President Muhammadu Buhari wey dem say break dia site rules

Oga Mohammed bin criticise di US social media giant decision to take am down, e call di move “double standards”.

Di tweet wey Presido Buhari send on 1 June bin dey refer to di 1967-70 Nigerian Civil War and di kain treatment “those wey dey misbehave today” wit “language wey dem go understand”.

Tok-tok pesin for Twitter tok say dat post “break Twitter Rules”.

Twitter na American microblogging and social networking service wia users post and interact wit messages wey dem dey call “tweets”.

Twitter Nigeria ban: Banky W, Atiku, Saraki, odas react to FG ban on di micro-blogging site operations

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Reactions don begin dey come in afta Nigeria goment announce di suspension of di operations of tech giant, Twitter for di kontri until further notice.

With hashtags Twitter in Nigeria, Twitter ban, VPNs and Federal goment, many pipo and organizations don enta social media to express dia displeasure on top dis new development.

Wetin Nigerians tok on di Twitter ban

Di British Deputy High Commissioner for Nigeria Gill Atkinson don react to di Twitter ban.

Im say, “All Nigerians get di right to freedom of speech and di responsibility not to misuse that right. Any action wey goment take must dey measured, proportionate and not to suppress basic freedoms.”

Nigeria Former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar also tweet say, “Hopefully, dis no go be my last tweet.”

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Former Nigeria Senate President, Bukola Saraki say – “No sir! Dis no suppose be di response from di president of a nation wey get plenty vibrant youthful population wey for some of dem #Twitter na part of their daily lives and source of dia income and livelihood.”

Socio Economic Rights Accountability Project SERAP, say dem go sue Nigerian authorities over di illegal suspension of Twitter in Nigeria.

Di Non-Governmental Organization dey of di view say Nigerians get right to freedom of expression and access to information including online.

Amnesty International reply

Amnesty international don condemn Nigeria goment suspension of Twitter for di kontri. Dem call on di Nigerian authorities immediately to reverse di unlawful suspension and oda plans dem get to gag di media and undermine Nigerians human rights.

“Dis action no follow Nigeria international obligations including di one wey dey under di African Charter on Human and People’s Rights and di International Covenant on Civil Political Rights. ” Dem tok.

Other Nigerians including entertainers from oda kontris don chook mouth for di mata.

Banky W say “dem no fit stop kidnapping, armed robbery and terrorism… yet dem fit seize passports, block bank accounts of peaceful protesters. Try ban crypto currency. Dem ban Twitter. Completely out of touch wit young pipo concerns,” e tweet.

Wia dis foto come from, Twitter screenshot

Wia dis foto come from, Screenshot

Wia dis foto come from, Twitter screengrab

Wia dis foto come from, Twitter screenshot