Trevon Diggs is looking to make that second-year leap for the Cowboys – Blogging The Boys

The Dallas Cowboys are three practices through training camp and a lot of our preconceived notions about this team are holding pretty strong.

One of the things that many people expected (or rather hoped) to see in 2021 was one of last year’s top draft picks taking a leap towards becoming an elite player at his position. While this certainly seems likely for CeeDee Lamb this season he is not who we are talking about – this is the year of Trevon Diggs.

So far, Diggs seems to be embracing being the team’s top cornerback and is backing it up not just with his play on the field, but his attitude and disposition off of it. He is a quiet player by nature in terms of comments outside of the game, but what he said following Sunday’s practice spoke rather loud.

Cowboys CB Trevon Diggs: “I got my hands on 14 balls (last season). I ended up with not 14 interceptions. That’s a problem.” How many realistically could’ve been intercepted? “All of them.”

That figure, 14, is not from coaches. Diggs rewatched own film after season and counted.

— Michael Gehlken (@GehlkenNFL) July 25, 2021

It is really great to see that Diggs did the homework on his rookie season and that he is holding himself to a high standard. Nobody is trying to say or imply that he is suddenly on pace for a gold jacket or bronze bust, but he is taking the right approach towards getting better which is an infectious thing in a locker room.

Remember that Diggs led the Cowboys in interceptions last season and did so as a rookie (shout out to Carson Wentz and Jalen Hurts). Some players would rest on their laurels after something like that, but it appears that he wants to do far more than just that rookie achievement. That is the ideal player to serve as the face of a position group, especially one like cornerback.

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