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There are several top industries expanding digital marketing initiatives to grow their return on investment (ROI). Undoubtedly, the ongoing pandemic has significantly impacted the way that companies market their goods and services around the world. Increasingly, major industries are turning to digital campaigns to drive web traffic, grow their social media following, and increase their sales. Indeed, global digital ad spending is projected to reach over $385 billion this year, over 10% more than 2020. Therefore, digital marketing managers need to know which industries are the top players’ global players investing in advertising. This way, they can tailor their services to meet their client base. Read on to discover the top industries expanding digital marketing initiatives to grow ROI.


First, the law industry is adopting digital marketing services to increase their returns. According to recent surveys, nearly 25% of all law firms in the United States have implemented an organized content marketing plan. In addition, many law offices are using blogs to drive traffic and increase their business as well. Since lawyers are known for their effective communication skills, they can often increase their business through these messaging tactics. With a marketing agency, they can clarify difficult clauses into common, more understandable language as well. This way, they can speak directly to their client base. With this content marketing strategy, lawyers increasingly need strong search engine optimization on their sites to boost their rankings as well. In short, marketing agencies should provide quality content marketing services to attract law firms to their company.

Real Estate

Next, the real estate industry is also leveraging digital marketing to increase their ROI. Recently, many real estate companies are relying on video content marketing to sell apartments, townhomes, and houses. Through COVID-19, this has remained a popular alternative to in-person tours and open houses. In addition, many real estate agencies use online content to sell their homes in rural, urban, and suburban areas. By adopting online platforms and posting listings to third-party sites, realtors are leveraging the digital landscape to sell homes. Many real estate companies also use social media sites, such as Facebook, to reach their clients. Absolutely, marketing firms should offer social media and content services to acquire real estate companies looking to grow their business.


In addition, the retail sector is investing heavily in digital marketing initiatives to grow. Notably, many retail businesses are using social media platforms to advance their marketing campaigns. For example, many clothing companies are placing targeted ads where their audience spends the most time browsing. Across multiple channels, many retail companies are using email signatures to unify their brand. With advanced signature tools such as WiseStamp, marketing companies can create and edit signature in Outlook for their clients. Importantly, this tool allows marketers to add banners, profile pictures, and sales links to generate higher returns. Definitely, email and social marketing are powerful platforms to grow retail clients’ sales.


Furthermore, the food industry is also leveraging digital marketing to increase their returns. Notably, many food companies and restaurants rely on images of delicious food to increase their engagement. Often, this works through commercial advertising, social media posts, and video content. In addition, many food companies use influencers and sponsors to promote their products and services in digital advertisements. For example, some food commercials and social posts feature Olympic athletes endorsing products. Whether marketing companies are advertising for larger corporations or small local businesses, food campaigns should be highly visual and watchable to increase engagement. Certainly, the food industry relies on digital marketing to boost their returns.


Moreover, the healthcare industry is also expanding their successful digital marketing campaigns to boost their returns and keep patients safe. Through COVID-19, many doctor’s offices and healthcare facilities have used their online platform to keep people informed. For example, many health websites posted blogs, forums, and videos where patients could access reliable, up-to-date information on COVID-19. Here, they may also post information guides about certain conditions and symptoms. This way, they can help patients solve their emergencies and know when to seek medical care. Of course, healthcare providers also use their web and social platforms to update their policies regarding the pandemic. This way, patients know how the facility is operating and can access services accordingly.

There are several top industries expanding digital marketing initiatives to grow their ROI. First, many law firms are leveraging content marketing to communicate with their client base and drive traffic. Next, the real estate industry is leveraging digital marketing platforms and video content to sell apartments, townhomes, and other living spaces. In addition, the retail industry is also using targeted ads and email campaigns to boost their success. Moreover, many healthcare facilities rely on digital marketing to promote wellness and safety through the pandemic. Furthermore, the food industry uses image and video content to promote engagement. Consider these points to learn about the top industries expanding digital marketing to grow ROI.

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