The new year brings a new look and new services for Romega Digital – Rome News-Tribune

After a big move at the end of last year, Romega Digital’s Braden Keith is hoping for a big year of bringing new services and opportunities to Rome businesses.

And that means a new look, a new message and a new space.

Last February, Keith bought a building at the corner of East First Street and East Eighth Avenue. Remodeling was completed in July and he moved the offices of Romega Digital in. That included six in-office employees and more than 20 others distributed across the country and globally.

The company is known for its websites, helping businesses to establish a powerful online presence. But more recently they’ve ramped up search engine services.

“We do search engine marketing and search engine optimization,” Keith said. “We help identify businesses that are getting beat on Google. Through our optimization services, we make sure they’re performing better than other businesses.”

This year will bring new branding and new messaging for the company. That will happen later this month. Keith said their search engine marketing and optimization services weren’t being pushed as much but that will soon change.

“We started offering this back in August,” he said. “Some businesses caught wind of it and our success stories have been great. That has led us to believe this is the future of what Rome needs. This is what people need to be looking to us for.”

Businesses can visit online at for additional information and, in the coming weeks, a more streamlined look and messaging from the company.

But the move to a new building came with a big bonus — space. Keith had at his fingertips the makings of a versatile space in which he saw great potential.

“Many people may not know this about me but I worked outside of Rome before I opened Romega Digital,” he said. “I traveled for a software company and provided a training program for them. So I got to see so many cool event venues. These places had a unique fingerprint for the city in which they were located. They were clean, functional and leaned toward a corporate atmosphere.”

Keith saw that a similar space was needed in Rome. He knew there were several special event venues, but he wanted to cater to the business and corporate arena.

The Neely was born. The large, versatile event space can cater to a variety of needs. And its location in downtown Rome makes it accessible and conveniently close to a variety of amenities.

“A lot of our businesses here in town have team members all over the globe,” Keith said. “Many of those people can’t get here easily or, because of COVID, shouldn’t be traveling. So The Neely offers a space where businesses can host meetings and conferences with ready-to-go streaming technology.”

He said seminars and meetings can easily be streamed on YouTube and Facebook Live, so that team members outside of Rome can contribute in real time and are all plugged into one central location — The Neely.

But while The Neely’s clean, open, airy feel makes it perfect for corporate functions, it can also be outfitted for almost any occasion.

It’s played host to Christmas parties, rehearsal dinners, auctions, team building events and even a music concert.

“You can just show up with your presentation and not have to worry about fiddling with speakers or hookups or screens,” Keith said. “It’s all ready for you. My idea is that there’s a blank canvas for you to transform into whatever you need.”

In the short time Romega Digital and The Neely have been occupying their new spaces, Keith said he’s been grateful for all the community interaction they’ve received. And he hopes to offer Rome even more dynamic services in the year to come.

“I would be very grateful if this was a breakout year for us,” he said. “I want to continue providing additional services to Rome. As we see new ideas come into Rome, and as we take risks and think ahead, I’m really grateful that the community has stood behind us.”