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We are in the midst of a great flux for marketers. Merely a few years ago, the brand and customer relationship used to be a little more straightforward. Detailed and convivial buyer personas would be crafted, CRMs loaded with masses of aggregated data sets, and if they so wished, marketers could still claim humble successes from spray-and-pray philosophies.

But then came the Cambridge Analytica scandal, privacy legislation popping up in all corners of the globe, and with it the epiphany that much of this data that had been collected and purchased from third-party vendors was imprecise, stale and useless.

Fast-forward to the back-end of 2021, and the privacy era still rumbles on. With the eye-watering realization that 66% of consumers feeling ads based on tracking behavior are creepy, not cool, Google has finally cemented plans to comprehensively curtail third-party cookie tracking within the next couple of years, with Firefox, Safari et al. scrambling to follow suit. Apple is offering customers the ability to easily opt-out of being tracked by advertisers, essentially killing off IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers). The spotlight on these sorts of surreptitious practices has led to a rise in ethical consumerism, with consumers taking a much closer look at the corporate footprint, stance on environmental issues, where they spend advertising dollars, and political associations of the brands they do business with.

For marketers that have relied on third-party data sets and cookie tracking to power their customer engagement initiatives, this time of digital disruption is quite the headache. However, for those marketers committed to forging honest, meaningful relationships and thinking about the values of their customers and how they can align with them, the rewards are limitless.

That is why we put together this virtual content series – Signals21. To identify the biggest challenges marketers face today and how to tackle them head-on.

Starting October 6, we will deliver five weeks of unmissable content, bringing together the brightest thought-leaders, world-renowned brands, industry heads and engaging panels. Hear directly from global enterprise brand marketers from all marketing functions as they share their experience and successes engaging customers across the entire customer lifecycle.

Whether you’re looking for a new way to build relationships in the post-cookie era, deliver personalization that goes beyond a first name and past purchases, or just want to be entertained and motivated by expert and engaging speakers, we have a session for you.

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