Policy on letters to the editor | Jordan Opinion – SW News Media

The Jordan Independent welcomes letters from all readers and makes every effort to print letters that conform to these guidelines:

Letters cannot exceed 500 words in length and cannot be merely petitions or lists. Letters must include address and telephone number for verification purposes — only your name and city of residence will be printed.

Each author may write one letter per calendar month. They cannot be libelous or defamatory. Letters are published as soon as space allows.

Send letters via email to gaamot@swpub.com with the subject of “Letter to the Editor” or via postal mail to 12931 Eagle Creek Parkway, Savage MN 55378.


All Letters to the Editor endorsing or opposing candidates, including letters from candidates, must be fully paid before being published.

The fee is $30 for up to 250 words and $60 for up to 500 words. Letters longer than 500 will be treated as display advertising and charged display rates. No more than two names per household. However, if paid by someone other than the author, election law stipulates the funding source must be included.

All paid letters also are subject to the policy for standard Letters to the Editor. The editor has final say on what counts as an endorsement letter.

The last issue before the vote is Nov. 3. For this edition, we won’t publish attack-style letters, or letters that introduce new issues. We do this in an attempt to allow an opportunity to address late-breaking issues.

Endorsement letters are due by noon Thursday for publication in the following Thursday newspaper.