Now Twitter also in support of the Taliban? flatly refuse to delete Terrorist tweets – News Track English

Kabul: The micro-blogging site Twitter has refused to take action in the matter of preventing the terrorist organization Taliban from using its platform after being captured in Afghanistan. According to the report, the social media platform has refused to follow other social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube in this matter.

Twitter has categorically refused to suspend the accounts of Taliban leaders. On whether Twitter will take action against the radical Islamic terrorist organization, the spokesperson of the social media platform ignored the media’s question. A company spokesperson said it would continue to enforce its rules on “glorifying violence,” its “platform manipulation and spam.” He claimed that ‘Twitter’s top priority is to keep people safe, and we remain alert.’

Currently, there are several unverified accounts on Twitter of official spokespersons of the Taliban. One of them, Zabihullah Mujahid, has more than 3,10,000 followers on social media platforms. On Tuesday (17 August 2021), Zabihullah made a tweet promoting an alleged press briefing organized by the Taliban, in which hundreds of people commented. Many of these terrorist organizations were supporters of the Taliban.

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