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Advertising company Adwerx announced the launch of Adwerx Motion, an HTML5-based offering that displays animated ads for agents and brokerages and their listings.

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Advertising company Adwerx is launching Adwerx Motion, an HTML5-based offering that displays animated ads for agents and brokerages and their listings, the company announced in a press release.

Adwerx Motion is expected to carry on the company’s reputation as a leader in online display advertising the for real estate industry. In 2020, Adwerx launched a product for running commercials on streaming television networks.

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Ad campaigns launched through Adwerx Motion will be distributed in the same way typical retargeted display ads reach an audience. However, animated graphics and listing facts can help reach a broader audience.

Motion graphics are not necessarily video, but instead leverage subtle, sophisticated animations, such as a flag blowing in a yard, kids riding by on bikes or a first-person point-of-view walk into a potential home. They allow advertisers to become more creative, tell stories and engage viewers on a more emotional level.

Here’s an example of motion graphics from a Beech Nut ad:

Examples on Adwerx’s website suggest early versions of motion ads will animate agent branding information, highlight listing imagery, and create moving callouts and ad copy.

As reported in Inman’s Handbook on digital advertising with Adwerx, agents under enterprise accounts have their profile campaign dashboard set up with the first listing they earn after the contract is established. From there, it’s largely hands off.

Weeklong property campaigns are created and run on their behalf by dedicated Adwerx team members, and they are initiated within 48 hours of a listing becoming active within the local MLS. Adwerx Motion ads will no doubt become a poplar option.

A study conducted in unison with T3 Sixty over a year compared listing growth between two groups of agents, one using Adwerx’s enterprise automation systems. The two groups came from the same brokerages and regions.

The Adwerx agents showed a 35 percent increase from the year prior in new listings. The control group of non-Adwerx agents consisted of 2,000 agents. Top producers in the study collected 10 more listings than before being subject to Adwerx services.

Adwerx motion listing ad

“The internet is becoming increasingly congested with messaging, leaving advertisers with the increased need to find creative ways to drive higher engagement and influence,” CEO of Adwerx Jed Carlson said in the press release. “The power of motion in online listing advertising cannot be understated, as it simultaneously drives dramatically increased performance while at the same time helping firms land future deals.”

Adwerx Motion is now available to any current or future real estate broker who automates their listing advertising with Adwerx, and it will soon be available to any company in any industry that automates their advertising through Adwerx, according to the release.

According to figures published by Adwerx, motion graphics increase click-through-rate (CTR), over static ads by 267 percent. Viewer engagement jumps by 55 percent.

“Until now, this type of display advertising was not available in the real estate industry,” Carlson said.

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