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Making a name in the top 25 affiliates of India is a great feat that Arun Saini achieved with his passion for blogging. Only getting into a particular field with the aim to go big in the same and trying to replicate the success of the established names in the field is not enough for achieving the desired success in life. Individuals need to put things at risk, make quick but smart decisions and act with zealousness to consistently make efforts and reach their goals in life. “When you have a well-paying job at an MNC and still seek to do what your heart hints at, what would you choose?”, Well this is what Arun Saini questions all those aspiring professionals who wish to create a special place for themselves in their areas of interest. The question he has asked people is actually the real-life story of his, where he chose the latter and became the best version of himself in the affiliate marketing industry. Was it tough, you ask? Yes, it was, highlights the young talent, who also emphasizes saying, “but it was all worth it.”

Arun Saini, on asking what would he like change in his life if given a second chance, the youngster replies, “I would want to enter affiliate marketing much earlier, to achieve greater feats with affiliate blogs and lay out a blueprint of success for the many youngsters who are vying to be a part of this industry”. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Arun Saini experienced many downs while working in a field that gave him no happiness. This motivated him to leave his MNC job in the construction business and dive into the digital marketing field to get nearer his passion for blogging.

Expressing his ideas, thoughts, opinions with clarity in the content is what Arun Saini excels at. This helped him earn $2000 from Google at his first stint at creating a blog back in 2015. His first payment in life allowed him to think bigger and thus, he got into the affiliate marketing industry. He has to his credit many Amazon affiliate blogs, where he has helped people to make the right choices in products via in-depth buying guides. Working around his passion helped Arun Saini become a part of the top 25 affiliates across India for making incredible conversions. Arun Saini achieved great momentum with the field in no time, where the Amazon affiliate team too appreciated and acknowledged his enormous efforts. 

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