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PORTLAND, Ore., July 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — SagaCity Media, Inc. announced today that Maggie Panos has joined the company as its new Director of Editorial Analytics and Engagement, a newly-created role where she is responsible for all data analytics, social media engagement and search engine optimization (SEO). She reports to Marty Patail, Senior Vice President of Editorial Content and Strategy, SagaCity, who oversees all the city media publications including award-winning Portland Monthly, Seattle Met, Houstonia and Sarasota Magazine.

As SagaCity accelerates digital content creation and multi-platform investments, it is taking a data-centric, predictive analytics approach to prioritize the breadth and depth of local editorial in articles, video, photography, design and interactive content across all premium lifestyle publications.

“Editorial and daily newsroom analytics are critical to our content-heavy web sites and social media channels,” said Mr. Patail. “To increase local engagement, we are digging even deeper into the highest relevance and relative performance of editorial pieces.”

He added, “Data-driven consumer insights will enable faster, better decision-making and editorial planning. That way, we know with factual precision which stories to pursue, prioritize and optimally position on our web sites to inform and delight our readers.”

Predictive analytics coupled with SEO discipline are among the critical expertise and experience that Ms. Panos brings to the table. Seconds – not minutes or hours – can make a difference in choosing the topics that are top of mind or trending up in a crowded media landscape.

Ms. Panos recently left a senior editorial position at San Francisco-based PopSugar where she spent nearly a decade writing, optimizing, and analyzing the national publication’s story engagement in the entertainment and celebrity categories. Researching and writing over 9,000 stories while analyzing keywords and trends, she brings a modern level of firepower and precision to SagaCity’s multi-market editorial calendars.

“Maggie’s stress-tested technical skillset and razor-sharp editorial instincts will enable our city media to expand digital reach, local relevance and readership at a pace on par with our ambitious growth vision,” said Mr. Patail. “In turn, we aim to inspire readers, small business and regional advertisers to transform our towns, cities and regional economies with optimism and possibility.”

“I am beyond thrilled to join SagaCity and contribute to the brand’s legacy of local journalistic integrity while uplifting diverse communities, culture and customers,” said Ms. Panos. “SagaCity uniquely meets its followers and fans in their own neighborhoods – a privilege I take very seriously.

“Media is a world that demands constant change,” she explained. “As we keep evolving to better serve SagaCity customers, I am committed to pushing the envelope through new and exciting digital video, live streaming and social channels to chronicle the stories of amazing towns across the country.”

About SagaCity Media, Inc.

SagaCity Media, Inc. is the parent company of premium local lifestyle media brands in Seattle, Portland, Houston, Sarasota, Aspen, Vail, and Park City. In their respective markets, they produce the most-visited local lifestyle websites, largest-selling magazines, and industry-dominating social media followers. SagaCity is also the preeminent leader in content solutions for travel and tourism organizations across the U.S.

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