ICRC Humanitarian Law & Policy blog: Explosive weapons with wide area effects: a deadly choice in populated areas – World – ReliefWeb

Eirini Giorgou

Legal Adviser, ICRC

*The use of explosive weapons with a wide impact area in populated areas is one of the main causes of civilian harm in today’s armed conflicts. Despite their widespread and reverberating effects, they are the weapons predominantly in use in urban warfare today.*

*In this post, part of our urban warfare series and marking the launch of a new ICRC report, ICRC Legal Adviser Eirini Giorgou unpacks the deadly effects of these weapons on civilians and the challenges of using them in compliance with international humanitarian law. She fleshes out the ICRC’s call to action to avoid using heavy explosive weapons in populated areas, as a matter of policy, and **impose restrictions and limitations on their use.*

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