Httpool partners with Spotify to expand audio advertising in Laos and Cambodia – Khmer Times

Httpool has expanded its ad sales partnership with Spotify to include Laos and Cambodia, being the exclusive representative to manage Spotify’s advertising offerings in Indochina for brands of all sizes seeking to connect with their audiences.

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As the world’s most popular audio streaming platform, Spotify offers a palette of innovative advertising solutions for brands to reach its highly engaged audience of young, influential streamers and leverage the rising power of streaming audio.

Anna Gorka, Spotify partner director of Httpool, said: “Httpool is excited to become Spotify’s exclusive representative across multiple markets in Asia and thrilled to offer agencies unique advertising opportunities. We can see a lot of potential for advertisers in Laos and Cambodia, by opening a new, premium advertising solution. Spotify as a digital audio platform is bringing a new audience of users, an incremental reach where brands can improve their brand awareness.”

Sea Yen Ong, Spotify’s head of sales, Southeast Asia, added: “We are thrilled to expand Spotify’s relationship with Httpool and have them also represent our advertising business in Laos and Cambodia. Httpool will have full access to represent Spotify’s innovative and engaging audio, video and display advertising products across all sales channels.”

Being fully localised, the Spotify platform offers advertisers a diverse selection of ways to reach their audiences based on campaign goals and how users are engaging with the platform. These include audio, video and display advertising experiences.

Advertisers can reach logged-in audiences however they choose to listen as they stream across devices including mobile, desktop, connected speakers, gaming consoles and more.

Globally, Spotify Free users spend an average of 2.5 hours each day listening to the audio on the platform through multiple devices.