How to maximise your Display presence this Black Friday – Internet Marketing News

Join our Display Specialist Lewis Spice, as he takes us through how you can maximise your Display presence heading into this year’s Black Friday event!

As Black Friday draws ever closer, I wanted to share my insights into how we can elevate our clients’ Display presence, as we prepare for this busy peak period.

What Role Does Display Have?

Display Advertising plays a pivotal role when it comes to building brand awareness. Ahead of major promotions, Display is utilised to spread the word about a brand’s offering. The power that Display possesses, is that we have the ability to target specific audiences based on our clients’ customer base. Not only that, we have access to a wide array of inventory which allows us to display ads across different sites and networks. This allows us to reach as many different users as possible, which in turn, spreads the message to users we wouldn’t ordinarily be able to reach.

Why Creative Matters

Tailored creatives play a pivotal role when it comes to enticing users on sites to engage with an ad. Black Friday creatives must pack a punch and directly reference the brand’s offering. With that, the brand is then ensuring that potential customers are aware of their Black Friday deals. In some cases, users will not directly engage with an ad straight away but as the message has still been received, they may visit the site directly at a later stage. Display is placed at the top of the Digital Marketing Funnel, which means our main priority is to ensure that our target audience is aware of the promotion we are advertising.

The Advantage of Remarketing

Although Display primarily focusses on brand awareness, we have the ability to remarket to audiences that have directly visited the brand’s site as a result of the awareness activity. We use the brand awareness activity to populate audience lists that we can then retarget to. By doing this, this allows us to display ads to users throughout the campaign that have shown previous interest in the promotion before. Remarketing increases the likelihood of conversion, which is ultimately what our clients wish to achieve with a promotion such as Black Friday.

The Importance of Testing

When entering a peak period such as this, the Display team will look to test different strategies to ensure that we generate optimum performance on our clients’ behalf. These tests can come in the form of ‘Creative A/B Testing’, ‘DSP Testing’ and ‘Prospecting Audience Testing’. Each of these tests provides us with the data we need to create and run the best campaign possible. The earlier these tests are done, the better.

Focussing Your Budget

Throughout Display campaigns, we are constantly looking to optimise key aspects of them to increase overall performance. A key optimisation that we will look to implement throughout peak period is the optimisation of weighted budget allocation. When we set up our campaigns, we include multiple different audiences that we wish to target. Depending on each audience lists’ performance, we will weight the majority of budget in favour of the best performing one. This allows us to focus our attention on users that are more likely to convert further down the funnel. The tools that we have within the platforms that we use allow us to accurately gather data to analyse and report on. We can then feedback our findings to our clients and suggest the required optimisations.

From testing, to campaign set up, to optimisations and reporting, we ensure that our clients Black Friday campaigns are as profitable as possible.

Key Display Tips To Follow

  •  Begin Brand Awareness activity early.
  • Create Audience lists in advance, to alleviate the risk of under populating them for remarketing purposes.
  • Exploit previous campaign findings and look to improve on previous areas.
  • Ensure that your creative is specific to the promotion. This will increase the likelihood of engagement.
  • Don’t be afraid to test new strategies and ideas in the run up to the peak period.

Black Friday is an integral part of the business year for the majority of clients we work with at ClickThrough Marketing. It is our mission to provide them with the best campaign possible and increase their profitability through Display Marketing.

Would you like Lewis and our team to support you in growing your brand with your Display presence? Get in touch!

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