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The Challenges of Website SEO for Franchises

Some common problems that occur are domain issues, interlinking, and duplicate content. There are two types of duplicate content: internal and external. Internal duplicate content occurs when more than one page of a URL contains the same text. External duplicate content is when more than one domain has the same text. Google may remove the site completely or adjust the rankings based on the assumption that this was done to increase rankings.

While interlinking is a good thing, it must be done correctly. For example, if you have backlinks to untrustworthy external sites, it can lower your ranking, while sites that are deemed to be authoritative could increase your ranking. You may also have a problem with links that no longer work, e.g., the page has been removed. Bots using a spam webmaster tool may result in lots of traffic to your website that gets bounced quickly, which does not give a good customer experience and reflects negatively on you.

The easiest way to fix such problems is with an SEO audit, paying an expert to resolve the problems for you.

Useful Ranking Tips

Having fast-loading pages improves the user experience. If this is not the case, Google may penalize you. Use this link to check your speed.

Google verifies the user experience through an automated scanner that checks how many visitors you have, your bounce rate, and how long visitors stay on your page. A high bounce rate could mean that your keywords are not appropriate and need to change.

Getting shared on social media indirectly improves your ranking. This happens because the more your page is shared, the more visitors you will get. You can create brand awareness by posting content on other pages.

Content Marketing Tips

Writing good content starts with knowing your audience or target market segment. This means creating blogs and articles that your audience is interested in. Be unique and don’t simply copy what your competitors are doing.

Use a title that immediately tells your audience what the post is about. It should provide useful information or be engaging. Include something on your brand. You are not simply engaging people but trying to turn them into customers. Use keywords effectively. This means a variety positioned for maximum effect. Lastly, hire an SEO company that provides content writing services if you still feel inadequate to do it yourself. You want your content to have a natural, organic flow.

These tips will get you started. Being a franchise does not mean that your ranking will automatically leverage the corporate company. Your franchise should be able to stand alone.