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Digital Marketing
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Check here the top trending six Digital Marketing courses provided on online platforms. 

The digital age has taken over almost all fields and opened up a plethora of new opportunities. Due to the increased importance of a digital presence, all companies are focusing on refined digital marketing strategies. This shift from offline to online has given birth to a new emerging field called “Digital Marketing”.

Reflecting on the topic, Dr Jitendra Kumar Mishra, Director, Jaipuria School of Business, Ghaziabad said, “In this digital age, the vast field of Marketing has, like everything else, undergone a complete transformation. The computational analysis of data and its application in business models have opened new streams and new job avenues for the aspirants of marketing specialisation. Digital Marketing is already booming industry.” 

Dr Mishra also added, “A report by Statista Research Department reveals that Digital Marketing is expected to grow up to 539 billion rupees by 2024. Data-Driven Marketing and Luxury Marketing are also gaining popularity. The emergence of new technologies will further drive the diversification of Marketing in the future.”

Describing the reason behind this sudden boom in the need for skillful professionals in the digital marketing fields, Arjun Nair the Co-founder of Great learning said, ”Digital transformation of businesses has led to an increase in the demand for professionals competent with digital marketing skills, more than ever before. Both businesses and professionals have realised that digital marketing skills are crucial to understanding customer insights, engagement strategy, marketing analytics and campaign management to optimise marketing efforts. We have witnessed significant enrollments for our Introduction to Digital Marketing and PG Program in Strategic Digital Marketing, making them one of the most coveted programs on our platform.”

Many candidates are now opting for various digital marketing courses available at the online educational portals to polish their skills. Learning about digital marketing will help you understand the demand of the job more precisely. 

“Marketing management facilitates students aiming to provide insights for how to grow businesses, promote and sell products successfully through the use of marketing strategies, research and analytics. In view of this, advanced marketing courses such as Marketing Analytics, Web Analytics, Social Media Analytics and Content Marketing are taught to develop advanced marketing management skills to become the most sought professionals in the industry,” said Lokesh Jasrai, Associate Professor (Marketing), Mittal School of Business, Lovely Professional University

Here are some of the trending online Digital marketing courses to follow: 

1. Digital marketing management: 

ISB executive education portal is providing the Digital Marketing and Analytics programme with a fee of Rs 1,00,000 plus GST. This is a 3-month long course. This course gives an understanding of digital customer behaviour, builds digital marketing strategies, and identifes in-demand metrics to effectively measure and optimise ROI. This online programme will help you plan and execute transformational digital marketing strategies and best practices. The new session for the course will start on November 12. 

2. SEO:

The University of California is providing this course at the online learning platform Coursera. This specialisation will teach you to optimise website content for the best possible search engine ranking, the theory behind Google search, and other search engine algorithms. Free enrollments for the course started on Saturday (October 23).  

3. Social media management:

Offered by Facebook at Coursera, this certificate course is 12 hours long. The ‘Social Media Management’ course will equip you with critical content creation and management skills. You’ll learn how to create effective social media posts and how to create a strong brand to help you build a social media presence. You’ll also learn how to establish an ongoing process to manage your content. This includes setting up a content calendar, managing and moderating your posts, analysing data for insights and iteration, and how to increase post effectiveness. 

4. International B2B Marketing:

Yonsei University is providing this course through Coursera. This course offers a unique perspective into the differentiating aspects of the business to business (B2B) marketing that can be contrasted to traditional business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing that is the subject of most other marketing curricula. Moreover, as one of the courses in the Specialisation: International Marketing and Cross Industry Growth, here too there is an emphasis on how companies can expand by cross-country and cross-industry innovation.  free enrollment from October 23

5. Mega Digital Marketing Course A-Z: 12 courses in 1  

This course is provided in the online learning portal Udemy with a fee of Rs 3,520. The online learning portal will provide 55.5 hours of on-demand videos on the subject covering every aspect of the digital marketing courses. This course will enable you to use multiple platforms to introduce your product, to market in the right way, and convince you that it is the best product for people.

6. Tourism Marketing

Indira Gandhi National Open University is providing the UG level course online. This is a 16-week long course. The lectures videos of the Tourism Marketing course at Swayam will be provided by By Dr. Tangjakhombi Akoijam. She is coordinating the Master of Tourism and Travel Management (MTTM) programme at IGNOU. 

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