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Helping businesses grow is BaseCloud’s core purpose. (Image: Supplied)

Helping businesses grow is BaseCloud’s core purpose. (Image: Supplied)

Engineering and marketing may not be as popular combination as pizza and beer, but for two engineers the world of marketing opened up when they realised they could use their skills to create higher sales rates and improved customer service for their clients.  

A few short years ago, Jaco Krüger and Eduan Snyman, both sought-after engineering graduates, launched the digital marketing company BaseCloud, which runs massively successful marketing campaigns for businesses.

As with many innovative ideas, it all started with a hobby and experiment (maybe even a garage?).

According to the pair, everything began with 3D printers. “As students, we built 3D printers because it was an interesting hobby. We then started running Google Ads marketing campaigns to generate client enquiries for 3D-printing services, and found that our campaigns had outperformed most of our competitors’. As a result, our 3D-printing clients started asking about our marketing efforts and eventually began approaching us to manage the Google Ads marketing campaigns for their businesses. We naturally enjoyed managing the Google Ads campaigns more than the 3D printing”.

As the business grew, these two innovators expanded their business to provide 5 different digital marketing services. Their first venture was utilising and measuring results of marketing tools, specifically Google Ads. Being engineers, the statistics and numbers that make our heads spin, tend to excite them.

Soon after, they realised that most businesses share the same problems. Many companies do not have a way of managing new prospective clients or leads effectively. Businesses take too long to respond to new prospective clients, fail to ask the right questions or do not follow up, and ultimately lose potential clients.

BaseCloud solved this by designing ground-breaking lead management software called BaseCloud CRM – the first of its kind in South Africa. This software automatically measures phone calls, emails, and forms, which are generated from various advertising mediums such as billboards, vehicle branding, websites and social media. Measuring everything automatically and processing the data in a new, innovative way provides clients with meaningful results at the click of a button.

Their third innovation, Call Connect, is a conversion improvement tool that underlines the importance of getting in touch with a potential customer in under 1 minute. We couldn’t believe it either. According to Snyman and Krüger, getting back to your potential client in under a minute is the golden standard that gives you a competitive edge.

As BaseCloud gained momentum, they branched into web design. The team grew with web designers writing elegant code and designing websites that bring excellent conversion rates. Finally, they noticed that even after using all the marketing tools available, online organic growth was still a problem for most businesses. Their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) department now works on solving this issue. SEO is a practice that helps businesses get found online – organically and “free”.

From their point of view, you cannot manage what you can’t measure, highlighting the importance of being able to measure everything.

Helping businesses grow is BaseCloud’s core purpose.

According to one of their established clients, BaseCloud is the only digital marketing agency that would tell a client to suspend a service if they see it’s not working for the specific business. If it’s not helping your business grow, they don’t recommend spending time and money on it, even if it’s one of BaseCloud’s services.

Add them to your network, give them a call, talk business, engineering, and marketing, or tell them about the genius idea you’d like to share with the world. These gentlemen will talk you through it all, and they’ll definitely buy you a cup of coffee first.

This post and content is sponsored, written and provided by BaseCloud.