Edgemont Group, a D.C. Area Digital Marketing Agency Announces Partnership With Bobby Bandz Productions, a Media Company Offering Elite Photography and Videography in the Washington Metro DMV Area – Yahoo Finance

Emerging agencies join forces to offer comprehensive solutions for businesses seeking growth

WASHINGTON, DC / ACCESSWIRE / August 18, 2021 / Edgemont Group and Bobby Bandz Productions are proud to formally launch their alliance. As a result, both companies can now offer complete and customizable digital marketing services as a package for their clients. Media was a void for Edgemont, and by partnering with among the more well-established productions company in the DMV area, they have now filled it.

For Bandz, this announcement also serves as a milestone for them as increasing their visibility on social media and search engines is a company goal. They initially built their brand through wedding photography, and in 2020, were recognized by Weddison as one of the top 3 wedding photographers in the world. Through this partnership, they will now be able to scale their business by entering new territories, as Edgemont will use ‘Design Thinking’ methods to develop new marketing strategies for Bandz.

In light of today’s news, leadership from both companies made the following comments:

Thomas Sullivan, CTO Edgemont Group,

“This has been our biggest achievement in our first year as a business. It’s good to see that our hard work is paying off as we start planning for 2022. Given that we are a digital agency, we must have the ability to offer media services as we look to grow. That’s precisely what this partnership gives us. Our chemistry is already great, and it’s only going to get stronger. This is a big win for our agency.”

Bobby Bandz, CEO of Bobby Bandz, Productions

“Choosing the right agency can sometimes be a tough task. For it to work, there needs to be synergy, and values need to be in alignment. We immediately felt this after meeting with Edgemont. They have a unique and innovative approach towards digital marketing, which we could relate with, as we try to do the same from a production standpoint. Our vision and work-ethic are similar, so I am excited to us reach our fullest potential together.”

The statements by both leaders indicate their shared mission to be among the elite in their respective fields, and by establishing their new partnership, they have taken the first step towards achieving their company goals.

About Bobby Bandz Productions

Bobby Bandz Productions is an award-winning media company offering elite photography and videography in the Washington DC metropolitan area. To learn more about their media services, please contact Bobby Bandz at (203) 558-9433, or visit their website at http://www.bobbybandz.com. They can also be found on Instagram by searching their IG handle: bobbybandzproductions.

About Edgemont Group

Edgemont Group is a full-service digital marketing agency located in the Washington DC Metro area. Their core value is ‘Growth-Minded Design’. The agency’s digital offering include: social media management, search engine optimization, marketing strategies, API development, market research, graphic design, web design/development, and data analytics. To learn more, please contact Thomas Sullivan at tsullivan@edgemontgroup.net, or at (703) 869-8878. Website is currently under development.

SOURCE: The Edgemont Group LLC