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Google is adding a dedicated data visualization in Display & Video 360 (DV360) to show reach gains for each campaign that spans across channels and has a frequency goal set at the campaign level, the company announced Thursday. In addition, DV360 will also calculate the added reach advertisers get for each Programmatic Guaranteed deal using DV360’s frequency management solution.

DV360 frequency
DV360’s frequency management data visualization. Image: Google.

Why we care

Having access to real-time reach gains can help advertisers gauge their campaign performance and manage their programmatic campaigns across channels. This new data visualization may also enable advertisers to save time that might otherwise be spent experimenting to test the impact of their frequency management strategies across various media types.

And, the added reach data for Programmatic Guaranteed deals can help advertisers understand how those deals add to the incremental reach they get for their frequency management efforts. 

More on the announcement

  • DV360 uses log data to compare the reach obtained by a cross-channel campaign against the reach that an advertiser would have obtained with separate campaigns, each with a single channel and its own frequency goal.
  • The information in the data visualization can also be accessed at the advertiser or partner level by creating an offline report in the standard DV360 reporting.

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