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Eight months ago, the Citrus One-Stop Recovery and Economic (CORE) Business Center opened in Inverness to help business owners start, expand and market their operations.

And while the center has had a steady stream of clients, it’s time for phase two.

The county recently gave CORE some $40,000 in leftover CARES Act money and the center intends to use it to pay locally licensed businesses to spend one hour or more to help other locally licensed business owners develop a successful digital presence.

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The consultants must be trained in such skills as digital marketing, web design and search engine optimization. All three of those areas have to do with increasing a business’ presence on the internet so as to attract more customers.

Dawn Faherty, CORE executive director, said it is a necessity in today’s technological world that a business be well-skilled in digital marketing if it is to thrive.

“It’s needed now,” Faherty said.

Jim Green, chairman of the Citrus Business Alliance, said the premise provides a perfect synergy: CORE is using county money to spend on county businesses to help other county businesses be successful.

Typical counseling sessions will be an hour and the consulting business is paid an hourly rate. The clients pay nothing. If the clients need additional counseling, they can work out a fee arrangement with the consultant.

Business owners interested in becoming consultants and rate of pay can call Faherty at 352-419-4834 or visit

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