Conductor Steps Up To Protect Its Ukraine Employees 03/04/2022 – MediaPost Communications

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The advertising industry has come together in some amazing ways to show its solidarity with Ukraine and its citizens.

Seth Besmertnik, CEO of Conductor, a company focused on content and search engine optimization, said the company donated funds to the Ukraine armed forces after relocating its employees who wanted to leave Kyiv before the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“Almost all of the team is out of Kyiv,” he told Search & Performance Marketing Daily. “We are providing salaries to the families of those who are fighting in the war.”

Besmertnik in a post on LinkedIn wrote that the company began planning for this moment more than a month ago, offing employees any incentive and assistance they need. Many moved out of the country with their families, while some remain.

“For those who have stayed, we let them know that if they get drafted, we will provide income to their families for as long as they are in service,” he wrote in a post. “We message the team every 12 hours offering to send money, see how they are, and do anything to help. They know their jobs are waiting, and the people of Conductor will pick up the extra work to enable them to focus on their families and safety.”



Besmertnik, in the LinkedIn post, shared his appreciation for the company’s 50 employees based in Kyiv, led by Oleksandr Lytvyn, Conductor vice president of engineering.

He explained how many of the company’s best innovations were created in the Kyiv office, and that his last trip to Kyiv left him feeling proud and lucky that these amazing people are part of the Conductor team. 

Besmertnik spoke with Lytvyn earlier this week. Lytvyn said he took a “shift patrolling the streets while his family stayed in a parking garage turned bomb shelter. 

Besmertnik is not the only independent search or mobile advertising executive who is making a difference.

Last week, Larry Kim, founder of MobileMonkey, in an email asked advertisers and clients — those on his mailing list — to boycott Russian goods and services to help “destroy the Ruble and thereby exert pressure to change course, or bring about economic collapse of this rogue state.”

Kevin Lee, founder of Didit, plans to make an announcement next week on an initiative that he will launch.