Clicked SEO Launches Seeking to Demystify SEO for Businesses – Martechcube

Internet marketing company Clicked SEO has begun operations out of Des Moines, Iowa, with the mission to provide no-nonsense services that help businesses get found online.

As their name suggests, Clicked SEO specializes in SEO. SEO, short for “search engine optimization” is the practice of improving websites to enhance their visibility in search engines.

“Close to 80% of all purchases start with online research, even if the transaction takes place offline. SEO tends to yield a huge return on investment because it connects businesses with users who are already searching for their services,” said Ryan Meighan, Owner and Founder of Clicked SEO. He continued, “If I am a Chiropractor in NYC, and when someone searches “NYC Chiropractor”, I want my website to be the first thing they see. And that is what SEO is all about.”

Clicked SEO was founded with the mission to simplify and demystify the SEO process for its customers – not exploit its technicalities.

“Working as an in-house digital marketer for 6 years, I received SEO sales pitches all the time that consisted of the person throwing out big technical words to intimidate me into buying their services. I started Clicked SEO to show businesses that SEO is not this scary, elusive being others make it out to be. At its core, SEO is as simple as building websites in a way that creates a positive experience for its users, using keywords as the foundation,” said Ryan.

Clicked SEO’s straightforward, personable approach to SEO is gaining steam, with one of their customers stating:

“Clicked SEO has been an essential part in building our business. They do an excellent job with communication, and we always know what to expect. The greatest thing is seeing us grow on Google search. This is easily the best marketing money we can spend; the return is much greater than everything else we’ve tried.”

Said Dr. Brad Boyle, owner of Cedar Valley, Iowa eye care company Advanced Family Eye Care.

Dr. Boyle and dozens of other businesses are hopping on the SEO bandwagon with Clicked SEO to connect searchers with their brand. Be on the lookout for this emerging business and the websites that they promote.

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