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Cutting-edge technologies and cut-throat competition are disrupting a balance of business outreach between SMEs and large enterprises. While the ultimate objective of any organization, brand, or company is to maximize their sales and returns of investment (ROI) with the least amount of expenditure, one common observation is the inaccessibility of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to such tools or agencies due to the rising cost that needs to be spent for the activity. Such businesses often try to navigate around their marketing budget to save cost and implement it in-house. But more than often, it imposes a huge challenge as one is not aware of the technicalities and the know-how of promoting a business. The easy access to the internet and the digital revolution today has made this process much simpler and easier than the traditional approaches of advertising. An average individual spends more time online than offline today and this has created an opportune moment for many start-ups and agencies to adopt digital marketing strategies which is accessible and affordable irrespective of the size of an organization.

The humble beginnings of the vision of two engineers Keshav Dutt and Hani Goyal marked their journey into the digital world of marketing and advertising. Keshav and Hani started their entrepreneurial venture in 2019 by instituting My Media Dreams, a digital marketing agency specializing in innovative strategies at affordable cost.

As an emerging digital firm, My Media Dreams offers services such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), search engine marketing (SEM), online reputation management (ORM), lead generation, content development, and creative services which are customized according to the needs and requirements of the clients

With an engineering background, both Keshav and Hani discovered their interest in the world of software solutions.  Keshav was deeply interested in understanding the analytics of digital platforms used for promotions, search engine optimization (SEO), website promotion, technical support, and google AdWords while Hani was more interested in the development of technology to create a better customer or user experience. Their interest found a common platform and led to the beginning of My Media Dreams.

For any start-up venture, funding is one of the primary resources to ensure the continuity of the business. However, both Keshav and Hani had to depend entirely on their savings from the past which created a lot of family disagreements for both the young leaders. But as they say, persevering through adversities is what makes a business successful, Hani and Keshav decided to walk down the road less travelled. With no formal degree from a fancy college nor any financial support, all they had with them was the practical knowledge and skills picked up while working with software companies. They started exploring the industry in-depth, its trends and variations, and blended their innovative strategies and ideas to create a portfolio of services. Their previous exposure into the international markets especially the US and the UK helped them connect with mediators and consolidators which facilitated in developing a clientele base in various other countries. Both Keshav and Hani ensure that each project onboarded is detail-oriented and gets equal focus to maintain the quality of service to be provided.

Today My Media Dreams consists of its in-house team of 30 passionate marketers who works closely with the clients to make their challenging targets a reality. A goal-oriented focus on skill development and practical knowledge than formal degrees helped both Keshav and Hani build an extensive portfolio of services such as Lead Generation, Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Web Development, Affiliate Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Online Reputation Management (ORM) and Organic Social Outreach. The company uses a result-oriented approach by adopting simple yet effective methods such as using easy CRM tools to provide daily updates to clients, dedicated project managers, and performance tracking to help track progress and what is planned.

The team is also working simultaneously to create a benchmark by the end of 2022 in Online Reputation Management (ORM) by helping the growth of micro-influencers. It is a well-known fact how influencer marketing helps in targeting a specific audience depending on one’s product and services. Such strategic planning when implemented in the right way can help in improving a company’s online reputation and help modern-day brand endorsements improve a product’s outreach. As an organization that is continuously pushing the limits of online business strategies in digital marketing, Keshav and Hani envision a $1M/year turnover in the next 5 years with the expansion of offices in the US and UK along with establishing its in-house e-commerce brand in multiple countries.

One of our biggest achievements so far has been to accomplish an output of 8X ROI for one of our international clients. I believe from the point of view of a start-up this is a good starting point to build a distinct identity in the market”, Keshav adds.

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