Blog: Watch out for black ice tonight, some roads stay slick –

by: Ricky Matthews

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Highs struggled to climb for much of Sunday, with the Norfolk Airport only managing to get to 41. That’s 9 degrees below our average this time of the year, which is 50 degrees. The morning temperature was 18! Some spots on the southside even dropped into the lower teens.


Tonight we’ll expect partly cloudy skies and cold temperatures once again. Anything that is liquid will refreeze. Watch out for black ice Monday morning. I also think there could be some areas of freezing fog Monday morning, especially southside and NE NC. What is Freezing Fog? Well, it’s simply fog that happens below 32, resulting in the water molecules in fog freezing upon contact with surfaces. This can be trees, cars, elevated surfaces, bridges and overpasses. A light glaze of ice can result, so be careful if you wake up and see fog in your area with the temperature below 32.

RPM Visibility Forecast

With some of the snow and ice still around, there are schedule changes for Monday morning. You can find the latest list by clicking the banner at the top of

Warming ups lightly by Tuesday, with highs in the mid to upper 40s. We’ll see a few passing showers, but the front looks to have limited moisture to work with so I’m not expecting a lot of rain. Wednesday, a shower is possible as well, mainly in the OBX.

5 Day Rainfall Trend

Later in the week models are hinting at the chance of another weather system to approach our area. This far out, things are subject to change, but below I’ve put the GFS and the Euro model side by side. Both show something, but can’t agree yet on what. We’ll continue to monitor and keep you updated on rain and snow chances. Right now, we’ll put a 30% chance of some rain showers on Saturday, but we may have to adjust that some as more data comes in.

Model Comparison

Have a fantastic work week!

Meteorologist Ricky Matthews