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by: Jeremy Wheeler

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Yesterday was very nice out! We had a lot of sun until the mid-afternoon. Even when we had some clouds it was very mild most of the day. We had high temps mainly in the 60s after starting in the 20s and 30s.

High Temps Yesterday

Today we’ll have more clouds overall, and we will be warm from start to finish. We started with temperatures in the 50s this morning. High temps today will aim for around 70 degrees.

Forecast Temps Today

We’ll be very warm in the eastern third of the country over the next 2 days. It will be quite the contrast from the central U.S.

Depature Map and Graph 1599236728614 1
Temperature Departure From Average

Locations in the middle of the country will be running about 25-30 degrees below average while we enjoy temperatures about 20-25 degrees above average.

So tomorrow we’ll continue with high temps near 70 degrees, but the cold air will get closer. It will finally arrive on Thursday. Our local high temps will only be in the 40s. (Insert shocked emoji)!

Forecast Temperatures Thursday

The heat will push back north for a day on Friday. High temps will lift up to the 60s. Then we’ll drop temps again over the weekend. Highs will be in the 40s on Saturday. We’ll be near 50 (with falling temps) on Sunday.

As far as rain and the weather pattern go… High pressure is moving offshore today. Moisture is slowly pushing northward with our winds out of the south/southwest.

Regional Weather Map

There is a stationary front to our north with a cold front over the middle of the country. Our dew points have climbed into the low-mid 50s, and they will go up a little more in the next 24 hours. We’ll be mostly cloudy today. There will be some isolated rain showers in the area. Tomorrow high pressure will be farther offshore. So we’ll have a higher chance for some scattered rain showers.

RPM CloudsRain 7AM today 48hrs 2
Future Trak

For now it looks like it will be mainly in the morning and midday, but that could get tweaked a little. We’ll have even more rain on Thursday as that strong cold front drops to the south and stalls out. So Thursday could be pretty wet and chilly. Nasty even if the winds pick up!

We’ll have some more scattered showers possible on Friday as the front lifts north, but we should dry out on Saturday. The models disagree on the Sunday forecast. Some call for scattered rain showers in the afternoon, and then changing into a wintry mix in the evening. Other models keep most of the precip to our south. So I’ll talk more about that in tomorrow’s weather blog.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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