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Traffic is the backbone of every website, especially traffic that seeks to purchase the products or services you offer. If you want to drive leads or generate more revenue through your website, then getting the right kind of traffic flowing to your site is critical. Paid search marketing, often referred to as pay-per-click or PPC, is a great way to do that.

When it comes to paid search marketing, there is one platform that stands heads and shoulders above the rest. That platform is Google Ads. One of the best decisions that you can make for your business is using Google Ads and this is no exaggeration.

An effective Google Ads campaign requires an investment of time and money. However, once you get hang of things, creating and running Google Ads campaigns could be your best investment ever. Why do we say this?

We say this because over 3 billion searches are run through Google each day. This provides you with a great opportunity to present your brand and/or your products/services in front of your customers/end-users.

As users search for related keywords, Google Ads by White Peak Digital in Brisbane enable you to market and offer your products/services. If you run and manage your Ads campaigns properly, they have the potential to rapidly increase both your lead generation and conversions.

This post looks to serve as an introductory guide to Google Ads; the aim is to help people new to Google Ads get acquainted with it so that they can create and launch their first Google Ads campaigns successfully.

Why Google Ads?

Before we dive into the basics of Google Ads, it is important to understand why a Google Ads campaign is needed in the first place. The best way to do that is through relevant stats. While search engine optimisation (SEO) has helped many businesses to establish a strong online presence, it can be ‘too’ time-consuming for some people’s liking.

Enter Google Ads-a much faster way to get your brand in front of the customer. If you want results right away, then Google Ads would be your best bet. This is because, when looking to make a purchase online, 64.6 per cent of people click on Google Ads. Additionally, when ads are paused, 89 per cent of the traffic created by search ads is not substituted by organic clicks.

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, for every $1 spent by them on Google Advertising, businesses usually make an average of $2 in sales. In short, you can reach tens of thousands of potential customers with very little effort through Google Ads. The following are some of the key advantages of creating and running a Google Ads campaign.

1. Connect with customers

With Google Ads, you can attract consumers that will be more responsive to your marketing messages. This will enable you to have a more personal interaction with your prospective customers.

2. Keep advertising costs under control

With Google Ads, you can control precisely how much you want to spend on online advertisements. This is because you can set a fixed monthly budget that will be your total ad spend during a month.

3. Continuously measure performance

Data on the output of your account is always gathered. Therefore, you can find what you need easily, and use it to assess your progress.

How does Google ads work?

The Google advertisement model, with a few small variations, is comparable to an auction.

First, you pick the search terms that you want your ad to run on as an advertiser. Then, you set a maximum bid on the amount you’re prepared to pay every time your ad is clicked. This is commonly referred to as ‘Cost-Per-Click (CPC)’.

Advertisers target a particular search term and bid on it, often targeting a keyword that others are also competing for. The bids made by advertisers are referred to as ‘maximum bids’. This is the highest price that you’re ready to pay for the ad.

For instance, if $6 is your maximum bid and Google decides that $4 is your cost per click, then you will get the placement of that ad. On the other hand, you won’t get that ad placement if Google determines that your CPC is over $6.

A maximum daily budget can also be fixed for your ad. As such, you will never spend more than a particular sum for that ad every day, allowing you to get a fair understanding of how much you should allocate for your overall Google Ads campaign.

The price of that bid (especially in comparison to others that bid on the same keyword) will determine how high your ad is placed by Google on the page. The highest bidder is rewarded in the majority of auctions while everyone else leaves empty-handed. However, with Google Ads, the bids are generally confidential and it isn’t always the highest bidder that gets the greatest reward.

Instead, advertisers are rewarded based on other factors, such as quality scores. Google might not even bill in full for your maximum bid if your quality score is good enough for a specific keyword. Your quality score is a mix of how well the keyword you’re bidding on is reflected by your landing page and the efficiency with which you can deliver on what the customer is looking for.

The more related the search is to your advertisement and landing page, the more likely you are to be charged less for the ad and get clicks.

How to Create and Launch Your First Google Ads Campaign

Unlike many other online marketing strategies, creating and running an online Ads campaign is not free. For example, in a space of a few days, you can easily lose your hard-earned money without any return if you run a PPC advertising campaign that isn’t created right.

Despite the risks that are associated with it PPC, creating and running a Google Ads campaign can be worth every penny you spend on it. However, it is critical to create and launch the Ads campaign in the right way. The following are the steps you can follow to successfully create and launch your first Google Ads campaign.

1. Create Your Google Ads Account

2. Set Your Budget

3. Check Customer Demand

4. Choose a Network

5. Select Your Keywords

6. Set Your Bid

7. Write and create your ad

Final Word

When it comes to attracting new customers for small businesses, Google Ads can be an incredibly effective tool. However, if the Google Ads campaign is not created and run in the right way, it can easily become an expensive affair. The good news is that you can avoid this by following the steps mentioned in this guide on Google Ads.