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Nationally, the various stages of the blockade are back. This affected digital marketers like me as I did last time. A growing number of companies are starting to make money and are looking to lead online.

Some have been working the same for decades and have been forced to switch, others a little more. Familiar with digital But we are trying to take it to the next level. In any case, the net effect is simple. Much more competition Advertising and Much less knowledge In this pandemic-inspired wave of business, what they are actually buying and whether they are getting the value for their money.

I run a marketing agency, so you might think you’re overjoyed at this situation. I really aren’t. My concern is that many of these companies will burn their fingers from the next six months of experience and will impact the industry in the coming years.

My goal here is what’s happening in the market and what I can do to keep my business online despite one of the environments I’ve most likely to encounter. Is to educate.

Digital marketing games have changed

Much more competition means that it will cost even more than 2019 to get the same results as last year. The digital world is endless, but in the end, there are so many ways to reach your audience in a cost-effective way. advertisement. That’s bad enough, but in addition to this, big tech companies like Apple are making it more difficult through privacy changes.

Facebook is a good example of how these two factors combine to make a big difference. This was the mainstay of SMB marketing, but the platform is now much harder to get results than it was before the pandemic, from plumbing to florists to professional services. For example, not only are there five more plumbing businesses looking for businesses online, but marketers are as easy as they used to be to directly target prospective customers (for example, customers who recently used terms such as “plunger”). I can’t. As a result, competition has intensified and far more ads are running in front of people who don’t really need plumbers today. No marketing agency in the world is unaware of this impact as a result of a campaign.

In short, the game has changed. If you are looking for digital marketing staff, freelancers or agencies, don’t forget to ask them about this. If a case study of similar work is presented, when My job is done. 2021? wonderful! 2019? Another ball game.

The best way is not to commit

This applies to virtually all service providers today, not just digital marketing. Don’t be tied to a predetermined number of months of work. The service provider is to prove that you can get results on a monthly basis. There is little reason for small businesses to benefit from sticking to a single provider for more than a month at a time.

Do your own research Start asking a question

Despite the fact that you hire an expert for a reason (if you know how to do it to their level, you’ll do it yourself!), You’re a little about everything You will need to know You are looking to hire for..

But what is the first? Digital marketing is big. If you’re starting near zero, find out what works when you first convert your website. This is one of the topics where some common “correct answers” actually exist. For example, if you’re trying to build an existing business, your solid online presence with WordPress is far ahead of Shopify. If it’s a side hustle, WordPress can be wasted when Shopify gets the job done. Even with this basic knowledge, you can ask people like me and get useful answers that you can use to further build your knowledge base.

You also need to learn what each digital marketing discipline means, not how it is done. Again, this is a practical example. Search engine optimization (SEO) — This is a technology that displays your business on the first page of Google search results (organic search results) just below your ad. Given the higher prices of ads and Google itself saying that ads have fewer clicks than organic search results, this is becoming more and more valuable, so “SEO Australia” or “SEO Provider” Consider searching for someone on Google. Case soon.

Now, a complete beginner can just click on the first few ads that appear. However, I found that SEO is different from ads, so I can skip ads altogether and go to the first few organic search results under paid ad placements. This isn’t a good sign that an SEO provider can get good SEO results if they pay to place an ad at the top of the first page of their search terms. In this industry, “the evidence is in pudding.” Providers ranked high in organic search usually also know how to rank their clients high.

There are many “new entrant” traps in every industry. Digital marketing is no exception, and just a few hours of research can alleviate months of pain. The world is getting online, but that’s not the reason to rush things. Take the time to learn and understand correctly.