50 Optimization Tips and Tools for Twitter – TechFunnel

Now that you know the importance of Twitter optimization and a well-structured Twitter profile, let’s learn about the Twitter tools that can help you.

  • Algorithm

    Algorithms are what you see when you log in to Twitter. This includes what accounts you follow and your interactions. The algorithm is useful to be aware of the location, timing, hashtags, videos, polls, and GIFs. The algorithm works by looking at what kind of interaction and engagement you can pull on your profile.

  • BIO

    One way you can spice up your Twitter optimization, search engine, and visits is through your Twitter bio. The tip here is to use the relevant keywords and stay within 160 characters or less.

    The relevancy of your hashtags is important because they could either drive traffic to your profile or distract it. For instance, using a hashtag similar to that of your competitor will drive your potential on their website.

  • Profile Image

    Displays and bio are the two things that a visitor sees first. Hence, they add up to your Twitter optimization. Make sure it represents your brand positively. Consider the size, color, and its screen view.

  • Header Image

    While choosing a header image, make sure to match it to your magazine cover and change it according to your monthly editorial calendar.

    Your header image must speak stories about what your brand is and what to expect next. This could include a product release, book launch, or any special event.

  • Website URL

    Here you need to consider your Twitter followers and where you want to send them next. As discussed earlier, Twitter is a home to bloggers and journalists; you can use this opportunity to link your brand’s blog through a free prospect download or linking a landing page.

  • Location

    If you deal within a locality, you can benefit from the location part too. This would enhance your Twitter optimization. Your local, target audience would be able to access through your Twitter profile, thanks to Twitter’s new algorithm update.

  • Twitter Direct Message (DM)

    As a brand, your core objective is to make your brand presentable and approachable. To do so, you need to use your twitter tools for Twitter optimization. Make sure you do not have your DMs on privacy. You can simply click on the Privacy and Security tab, scroll down, click on the direct message option, and mark the “Receive Direct Messages from anyone.”

  • Photos

    Add more visuals to your feed and timeline. This will help attract more visitors to your Twitter profile along with optimizing your relations. Make sure your timeline has recent GIFs, videos, photos up to date.

  • Videos

    Did you know that you can record videos directly from Twitter and upload them or go live? Well, yes Twitter is video-friendly. This feature helps brands to connect with their potential audience online. If you want to upload a video, make sure it is within two minutes and 20 seconds.

  • Pinned Tweets

    An essential Twitter optimization feature is a Twitter tool, pinning tweets. You can pin tweets to your featured stories especially if your Twitter cover image is like a magazine cover.

  • Customer Service

    Did you know that more than 75% of customer service requests appear on Twitter? This is why Twitter tools are important for Twitter optimization.

    You can easily choose from customer survey messages, DMs, and profile notifications to check if the profile provides the correct username to support. Also don’t forget to add that you offer customer service in your bio.

  • Custom Messages

    Twitter has updated its direct messages feature with bots by the launch of a direct message card message card. It has engaging bots that helps to dig deeper with customers, likewise, enhancing customer relationships.

  • Hashtags

    Hashtags are the new normal. Not only are they fun to use, but they are also known for increasing engagement by twice the amount. For a better Twitter optimization, use more than two hashtags.

  • Followers

    The rule here is simple; give more to get more. If you want to attract your potential customer base on Twitter, make sure you:

    1. Are active on Twitter regularly.
    2. Follow relevant journalists and bloggers.
    3. Have researched about the competition.
    4. Are using relevant keywords

    All of these will help you gain more followers; just maintain an engaging profile.

  • Engagement

    Think of yourself as a customer; what would you be more attracted towards? A dull dry profile or an engaging one? Well, that’s your answer. Maintaining an engaging, reader-centric, and well-structured profile is very important to attract a potential market.

    To do so, make sure you have the Twitter optimization process completed, have readable content, and that you engage with other profiles too. Here are a few Twitter tips that can help:

    1. Retweet
    2. Links
    3. Favorites
    4. Username
    5. Profile photo
    6. Hashtags
    7. Profile expansion
  • Emojis

    Well, actions do speak louder than words. Emojis are of great value on social media. There has been a huge increase in the usage of emojis over the past few years. To have an effective Twitter optimization, make sure you increase the use of emojis in your tweets.

    They not only convey a message of positivity but are also helpful in engaging a great potential base.

  • Twitter Chats

    If you want your brand to go and appear more on the Twitter profile, engage yourself in twitter chats. You can start your own twitter chat using a hashtag i.e.,#yourbrandnameChat. You can connect with the customers and clients, and if you are in good luck, you can also attract the journalists and bloggers.

  • Blog

    You can get a lot of benefits from Twitter, if executed correctly. All you need to do is have a hold of technical aspects while making sure a well-structured Twitter optimization. Here is a list of questions to identify where you stand and if your Twitter needs an update:

    1. Any Twitter cards on your blog?
    2. Click to Tweet options?
    3. Can share buttons tag your brand’s Twitter handle?
  • Passwords

    Imagine putting in your heart and soul into a Twitter account only to get it hacked. You can avoid this simply by working on your security. Make sure your Twitter passwords are highly professional and difficult to guess. Backup your answer with sources so that you don’t forget them either otherwise all your Twitter optimization will go to waste.

  • Widgets

    Adding a Twitter widget can really spice up your Twitter optimization. Make sure you add the widget along with relevant #hashtag. The hashtags must match the tweets you want to show on your blog or website.

  • Twitter List

    A Twitter list can take your Twitter optimization to the next level. It helps in optimizing both, your exposure and experience. The reason being that a Twitter list can save your time by getting listed. For instance, you can create a Twitter list of all your clients and deliver the messages to all of them all at one.

  • Instagram

    As we discussed earlier, adding visuals to your Twitter profile is the best kind of Twitter optimization. You can do this by connecting your Twitter stream to your Instagram feeds.