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A B2B product launch relies heavily on marketing to generate awareness and interest in the new product. And content marketing is particularly influential in stimulating buzz and discussion. Among the various types of content that one can create and distribute, blogs can be one of the simplest, yet most effective avenues. When compared to articles, eBooks, white papers and other long-form written content, blogs are typically the shortest in length, making them helpful for releasing tidbits of information about a new product.

So, what blog topics can help to interest and engage audience about a new product? These five primers are key to prioritize in paving the way for a successful product launch.

1. Why You Created the Product

There may be many reasons behind why you created your new product, but your audience might not know. It has become more common for brands to craft an “origin story” that highlights what their product is and why they developed it. Regardless of the industry or vertical, new products most often stem from pain points. People that understand the “why” behind a product can form a stronger connection with it. Their understanding that they are not alone in the challenges that they are experiencing can build more trust in your brand and the new product.

2. Feature Preview

There is no doubt that your new product has unique features. So, why not write about them? While disclosing every detail about every feature might not be the best idea, giving an overhead view of key features can give your audience exclusive insight into what your product will provide. For example, if you have a customized feature or one that is personalized and tailored to every user, you can briefly give an overview of what it is, how it works and why it’s important in addressing a challenge or pain point.

3. Insight into Beta Results

Many companies utilize beta testing to allow users and early preview of a soon-to-be-released product, help uncover any issues, and get thoughts and feedback on what users liked or disliked. Information gathered from beta testing can fuel a great product launch blog. Buyers trust customer testimonials and reviews from people who have used the product. So, crafting a blog focused on beta test details, feedback and results can be valuable for your product launch awareness, especially your target audience. It’s always essential to focus on the positives, but don’t be afraid to share failures as well. Being authentic with your readers and audience is important. Plus, the failures or challenges you mention can also be spun into a positive with how you chose to address them.

4. Frequently Asked Questions

Product launches naturally generate questions from those interested in buying your product. This often happens right just before purchase as prospects inquire about different features and overall performance to build confidence for buying decisions. What better way to answer these questions than creating a blog that provides frequently asked questions (FAQs)? Search engines also appreciate content that has questions included. So, doing a simple blog post about FAQs can give your buyers the information they need and boost your search engine rankings.

5. What to Look Forward To

What is your team most looking forward to upon the product launch? Whether it is a product feature, the business improvements buyers will experience, or something else, this can also be a welcomed blog topic. Query product launch team members in marketing, sales, product development, and other areas about the areas of the product they are most passionate about and what they think buyers will gain. Buyers that hear directly from the people that are developing, marketing and selling the product behind the scenes gain trust and authenticity.

Expand the Reach of Your Product Launch

Promoting a new B2B product launch is all about spreading the word, generating awareness, and even gaining interested buyers. While blogs might be a simple, basic content marketing technique, they can achieve everything that you are looking to do. Focusing on blog topics that highlight the product, answer key questions, and give audiences an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into a product’s creation is a great place to start.

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